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Wifi Rental Istanbul is a tourism company that rents mobile wi-fi devices with 4.5G speed. By adopting the principle of customer satisfaction, our vision is to keep our customers connected to the life and Internet at affordable prices in many cities in Turkey. Within the frame of these principles, we are constantly renewing our devices with the latest models and keeping pace with the technology.

Why choose Wifi Rental Istanbul? You will definitely need internet to be able to spend your journey in Turkey in the best way, to access the needed information in the fastest way and to arrive your destination uninterruptedly. At this point, we are always with you by offering the highest quality and safest service at the most reasonable price. Probably you can find free internet access at many places where you go but it will never be safe. For this reason, it is essential for your safety to choose our service with 4.5G speed. We would like to inform you that SIM cards offered by GSM operators in Turkey are very expensive and providing very limited internet. As Wifi Rental Istanbul, we provide unlimited and safe internet with fast and quality service.