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1.1. What is included in the Wifirentalistanbul pack?

The pack includes the device with a hard case, a mini-USB cable and a wall charger.

1.2. How long does the battery last?

The battery has an average life of 8 hours. Depending on the number of devices connected and the type of apps used it can last more or less hours.

1.3. How many external devices can connect to a Wifirentalistanbul at one time?

10 external devices can connect simultaneously to a Wifirentalistanbul unit.

1.4. What is the maximum distance I can be away from the Wifirentalistanbul  for it still to work?

The signal radius is 15 metres in open space.

1.5. What speed does the device reach?

The devices connect to the speed of 4G (LTE), 3.5G (HSDPA) or 3G (HSDPA) depending on the area (between 4 Mbps to 50 Mbps)

1.6. Do you have 4G pocket wifi devices?

Yes, we have recently upgraded all our units to 4G technology.

1.7. Does the Wifirentalistanbul have to be connected to the electricity supply for it to work?

No, the Wifirentalistanbul unit works with its own battery so you can use it anywhere at any time. Inside the pack there is a charger to recharge the battery when needed.


2.1. How can I know what coverage Wifirentalistanbul has in the area that I’m going to be in?

You can consult our coverage map by clicking on the following link: CHECK COVERAGE
Select the 3G tab and type in the town or city in which you would like to consult the coverage. Green means good coverage and purple means average coverage.

2.2. Can I use the device outside of Turkey?

Can I use the device outside of Turkey?
No, the devices are blocked for their use outside of Turkey .contact info@wifirentalistanbul.com as we have another Pocket Wifi solution for 65 countries all over the world.

2.3. Which Service provider does Wifirentalistanbul use?

The Service provider that Wifirentalistanbul uses is Vodafone. Vodafone is the carrier with best speed and coverage in Turkey.

2.4. Is there a signal out at sea?

If you are in a boat near the coast the unit will work but if you go out further to high sea then the unit will not receive the signal as it depends on 3G/4G Antennas to be able to work.

2.5. Is there a signal in the Metro/Underground?

Now, in practically all the lines there is a signal but there are still a few stations and parts of some lines in which the the unit will not work.

2.6. Does a Wifirentalistanbul have good coverage?

Wifirentalistanbul uses the best and widest coverage in the whole of the Turkey territory

2.7. How does the coverage effect the speed of the device?

The more coverage there is the quicker is the conection. You can see how much coverage you have by observing the coverage bars on the Wifirentalistanbul screen.


3.1. What time will I receive the Wifirentalistanbul?

Depending on the type of delivery, it will be delivered at different times:

– Delivery to a hotel reception:

Normally we send your device 1 day before your arrival at the hotel, so that the package is waiting for you at reception when you arrive. If you order the package for the next day, the allocated delivery time is between 8:00 and 14:00.

– Delivery to an apartment:

The allocated delivery time is between 8:00 and 14:00, except on Saturdays which is between 9:00 and 12:00.

– Delivery Pick-up point:

Normally we send the device 1 day before your arrival so that the package is waiting for your when you arrive. If you order the package for the next day, the allocated delivery time is between 9:00 and 12:00

3.2. Can I pick-up the Wifirentalistanbul at the airport?

Yes, at the moment you can select to get your unit delivered to the Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Atatürk airport or to the Trabzon airport (Terminal 4). You will need to make your booking online at our website with at least 48 hours in advance to get your unit delivered in time.

3.3. Is the delivery service safe?

Wifirentalistanbul uses MRW (Turkey’s number 1 private courier service for efficiency and security).


4.1. How do I return my device?

In İstanbul City, you can drop-off the device at our store or we have a free collection service from your hotel or apartment. For pick-ups outside İstanbul you can have it collected by a private courier service (at your hotel or apartment) or use one of our many Drop-off points around Turkey. You can also return the device at any Turkey airport.

4.3. At what time should I return the Wifirentalistanbul to the reception of my hotel?

You should return the Wifirentalistanbul before midnight on your last rental day. Early the next day the package will be picked up from the reception desk by a messenger service.

4.4. What happens if I return the unit whilst it is still turned on?

All the devices should be turned off before being returned. If the unit is still turned on the system will detect it and Wifirentalistanbul could automatically charge you for these extra days.


5.1. Can you buy a Wifirentalistanbul or rent the SIM card only?

No, at this moment the Wifirentalistanbul device is for rent only and the SIM card cannot be rented separately

5.2. How far in advance should I book the device?

If you stay is in İstanbul City we can deliver the same day but if you will be located outside İstanbul, in other areas of Turkey, we can deliver for the next day. However, we recommend the booking to be placed the earlier the better, basically for your own peace of mind.
We recommend you to book as far as in advance as possible in order to assure the booking of your unit.

5.3. Do I need to pay a deposit?

A refundable EUR 50 deposit is made.

5.4. Do you have long term rental special prices?

If you are going to use Wifirentalistanbul for long periods of time, please write us at info@wifirentalistanbul.com and we will discuss all your options.

5.6. I have rented a Wifirentalistanbul and would like to extend the rental. How do I do it?

You need to contact Wifirentalistanbul by email to info@wifirentalistanbul.com requesting the extension of the rental. You will be charged for the extension on the credit card that you used for the original order.

5.9. I would like to rent a Wifirentalistanbul but I don’t know yet where I will be staying in Turkey. Can I hire one anyway?

Yes, you can make the online booking with Wifirentalistanbul and leave the delivery details boxes empty until you know where you will be staying. You can then let us know upto 2 days before your rental start date so that we can organise the delivery successfully.


6.1. Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard and Maestro.

6.2. Do you accept debit cards?

Yes, we accept them but they must be VISA, Mastercard or Maestro.


7.1. What is the data limit for a Wifirentalistanbul rental?

The use is unlimited. There is no limit to the amount of data you can download.

7.2. Can I use VoIP with Wifirentalistanbul ?

Yes, you can use any Volp service (Skype, Viber, Facetime) and any streaming service.


It is very unlikely that a Wifirentalistanbul unit would stop working, but if it did, the solution for 90% of the cases can be found in the following scenarios:

9.1. I can’t connect to the Internet

The reasons for not connecting to the Internet are as follows:

Reason 9.1.1. You are in an area where there is no 3G coverage. At the top left hand side of the screen it shows the coverage available at any given moment. With 1 bar of coverage the connection would be very difficult or non existent. If the message NO SERVICE appears, this means there is no coverage in that area.
SOLUTIONMove or change the position of the Wifirentalistanbul to a place where there is 3G coverage

Reason 9.1.2. You are not properly connected to the Wifirentalistanbul unit. It is normal that mobile phones and laptops connect to already known networks that are saved in their memories
SOLUTIONCheck that you are connected to the Wifirentalistanbul unit. 

Reason 9.1.3. The unit sometimes gets very hot depending on the environmental conditions and the hours of usage. When this happens, almost always the message HIGH TEMPERATURE appears on the screen, which could complicate the internet connection
SOLUTIONTurn off the device for a few minutes until it cools down and then turn it on again . 

Reason 9.1.4. If there is a large concentration of people where you are (for example, in stadiums, concerts or festivals) the 3G antennas become saturated. This will complicate the internet connection. This can also happen in touristic places where there is only one 3G antenna for the whole area.
SOLUTIONMove to a different area or position so that the Wifirental connects to a less saturated 3G antenna or wait until the concentration of people lowers.

9.2. I can’t see the WIFIRENTALİSTANBUL-XXX network and the unit is turned on

Reason 9.2.1. People often press the RESET button that is situated inside the unit. When this happens, the unit automatically restores its factory settings, therefore changing the SSID name and password
SOLUTIONCall or mail Wifirentalistanbul so the unit can be changed. Wifirentalistanbul will reconfigure the unit before putting it back into circulation.

9.3. I have fully charged the unit but it doesn’t hold its charge or it only lasts a few minutes

Reason 9.3. On rare occasions the units can have battery problems or even with the unit itself. In 90% of the cases the problem is due to the wall charger which has stopped working
SOLUTIONFirstly, try charging the Wifirentalistanbul with another USB charger (any  Samsung mobile charger will work). If the problem continues, contact Wifivox and we will change the unit for a new one.

9.4. The unit keeps turning off

Reason 9.4.1 After a few seconds the Wifirentalistanbul screen turns off to save the battery. This doesn’t mean that the unit is turned off. The unit will continue working correctly even though the screen appears to be off
SOLUTIONIf you want to see the information on the screen again, press the On/Off button briefly 

Reason 9.4.2 It’s possible that you haven’t charged the Wifirentalistanbul unit correctly. It’s normal in hotels that the plug sockets are turned off with the switches
SOLUTIONMake sure that the unit is charging when connected to the mains supply. You will see a small battery flashing if the unit is charging correctly

9.5. If a long time passes without using the unit it disconnects me from the Internet

Reason 9.5.1 If you are connected to the Wifirentalistanbul but have been a while without using the internet, the unit will switch to SLEEP MODE in order to save the battery
SOLUTIONPress briefly the On/Off button. The screen will light up and the unit will reconnect to the internet. When the Planet-Earth icon appears on the screen, it means the connection has been re-established.

9.6. The charger doesn’t charge

Reason 9.6.1 If the unit doesn’t charge, 99% of the time it is because the charger is not working properly
SOLUTIONContact Wifirentalistanbul and we will send you a new charger.