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Finding WiFi while traveling can be frustrating. WiFi in hotels and AirBnBs is often less than ideal. Roaming charges can pose a serious barrier to your holiday budget and free WiFi access isn’t fun either. Changing your SIM card is an option, but you must resolve it for each country and have a different phone number each time (which makes it difficult for family and friends to reach you in an emergency). But there is a solution: International Pocket WiFi. These devices are very useful when traveling abroad. You can share Internet access on multiple


devices, store your phone number, and is a portable WiFi hotspot. Shareable connection; share your connection with your travel companies and other devices. Pocket WiFi is a portable wireless modem that connects any Wi-Fi enabled device (smartphones, laptops and tablets) over the Internet via a mobile phone network. It works like a Wi-Fi hotspot at home, creates a WiFi network of around 10

-15 meters radius around you, but sığ fits in your pocket! Installation does not require cables or software. Just turn on the WiFi feature on your mobile and enter the password and you can connect your personal devices immediately.

If you’re traveling with groups of 5 people who want to share WiFi access and save money, pocket WiFi is for you. Instead of making a separate plan for your mobile phone for each traveler, you can share the cost up to 5 people. If you need secure access to high-speed Internet, international pocket WiFi makes it much easier for you to work on customer contracts, your blog or your business. To maximize your productivity during your business trip, you need reliable and fast internet. You also need to keep your number so it can be accessed by your partners, colleagues and customers, so that it can change.

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Pocket Wi-Fi lets you go through the day with unlimited internet access during your stay in Turkey. One-day pass runs between 00:01 and 23:59 local Turkey’s clock. It includes 1 Gb of high-speed 4G or LTE migration in Turkey every day and reduce the speed until the next day. Daily transitions are automatically enabled every day during your trip. There’s nothing to be interested in! Open WiFi in your pocket when you come to Turkey and get free travel wherever you go. Pocket WiFi Turkey provides internet but does not have cell phone coverage. This is VoIP or Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc. That means you can search using other internet based search services as well. A regular phone call may incur additional charges depending on your phone plan. With unlimited internet access favorite applications, you can enjoy your Gps or travel in Turkey will help you make the best ways you can use in any other way. If you’re out for a ride or a business trip, you don’t have to worry about the internet! Pocket WiFi Turkey will help you.