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					General Principles
"Customer" is the person who signs this lease by signing or booking the printed contract at www.wifirentalistanbul.com and has the right to use the tablet, accessories and/or other equipment provided. Shall lease the customer devices and accessories and shall hereinafter be referred to as "Company" or "Device(s)"  internet access devices that are rented to you during the term of the agreed rental agreement and will include all parts and accessories until such time as they have been furnished.
The terms and conditions of the Tenancy Agreement (the "Tenancy Agreement"), during the agreed term of this Tenancy Agreement, relate to the Leased Device and include all parts and accessories provided to Customer at the time of lease. Website is the owner of the device and remains the owner of the device.
Customer acknowledges and accepts that the Services are provided solely in accordance with these Terms.
Customer agrees that by making the reservation and continuing to use the Services, you have read and understand the Terms and agree to be bound by them. The Company reserves the right to terminate Customer's use of the Service or access to the Service at any time, including but not limited to, if the Customer finds that the Customer has given false or misleading information or violated the Terms.
Equipment Rental
The customer must be a legal ID (18 years), a valid national identity card (Turkish national identity card or passport).
The customer must have a valid credit card with a credit limit or higher on the date of the contract and in the country where the device is signed.
The total rental will vary according to the prices listed at the time of rental at the rental contract or on the company website at www.wifirentalistanbul.com  The minimum rental period will be 1 day and the 1 day minimum rental period will be charged. At the date of payment, the exchange rate will be applied according to the rates used by the Company.
Payment Terms
Payment will be made with a credit card. Payment for the entire rental period is initially made at the time of booking through the Website. If additional charges occur during the rental period, the remaining balance to be paid shall be collected by the Company during the period of the device recall or by the use of the customer credit card provided by the Customer and the expiry of the stay period. The prices for renting and additional services are the rates valid at the time of signing the Leasing Agreement. The lease on the loan contract is independent of the number of days. After the customer has made a reservation, the Company will notify the Customer by e-mail, including instructions, whether the deposit is required. Before the lease is made, the customer must be kept on the credit card offered for the Deposit Amount or the Company must make full deposit.
Terms of Use
The device may not be used by any user other than Customer or close family members. When using Geneva for minors, it is suggested that the cost of such a use, if any damage occurs, should be under the supervision of adults because of the responsibility of the Customer signing the Leasing Contract. The device must only be used in the country where it is rented and not allowed to be used in another country. When used in another country, the customer is responsible for paying the Device charges, including roaming costs and other related costs.
The device can not be rented from the bottom.
Customer may not engage in unlawful activity, damage to hardware, loss of software or security of any computer software, or use of the Device for any unlawful purpose.
Any use of the Device (or the Brand of the Device) which may damage the goodwill of the Company has the right to automatically terminate the lease to the company and has the right to claim damages and compensation directly. 
Customer, in particular, may not use the Device under any of the following conditions or for any of the following purposes:

Are exposed to flammable or dangerous substances, toxic, abrasive, radioactive or other harmful substances, Do not carry anything that causes damage to the device or causes the company to lose time and money before recharging the device due to odor or flaw.
Connect any accessories (pre-authorized by the Company) unless provided by the company
Unlawful activities or loss of navy, personnel, software, or breach of security of any software or mark. To commit any crime.
Customer is liable for any offense committed during the term of the rental, related to the use of the Device and Customer is responsible for such as the Stallion. Upon request by the police or any official or administrative body, the Company may have to pass on the personal data of the Customer. This transfer will be made in accordance with the data protection regulations of the rental country.
Customer Obligations
A) When signing this Rental Agreement, the Customer must check the status of the device and its accessories by completing the "Delivery Status" section.
B) Customer must return the Device in the country delivered on the date of signing the Rental Agreement; Otherwise, the Customer is responsible for all repair costs incurred from the damage suffered.
C) The device will be delivered to the pre-installed Customer; Customer must return the Device with the same software. No other software or cost is included in the Delivery Register and is solely Customer's responsibility.
D) The Customer is responsible for the handling of the Device, the device being in good condition and being returned to the Company for any damage caused by its use.
E) Customer must return the device to the point of delivery or use the return package provided with the Device and return the device to a representative of the hotel or the shipping company.
F) The company accepts a 30-minute delay and may incur an additional charge for late delivery based on the rates in the Tenancy Agreement at the end of that period.
Rental Time
A) The lease term is calculated based on 24-hour non-dividable periods from 10:00 am on the date of arrival provided by the customer on delivery of the device or upon delivery of the device. Upon delivery of the Device, upon delivery by the Company's representative, the Company shall notify the Customer of ownership It is activated.
B) Delivery of the Device to the Customer shall be at the place accepted by the Customer and the Company.
C) If the Customer wishes to keep the device for longer than the time specified in the lease contract, the Customer must first contact the Company to extend the lease term and the lease time will be longer. The first allocated time, additional fees, additional lease days will be calculated.
Delivery and Returns
The device must be made to an authorized representative of the Company or the device must be delivered to the Company using the return package provided with the Device and delivered to the representative or the shipping company of the device. If the device is returned without an accessory, the Customer must pay the market value of the date the device was returned.
Theft, Accident, Damage or Confiscation
Customer shall promptly inform the Company by using the Company's contact information in the case of a third party, such as seizure or seizure of the Device.
The company will use all legitimate means to secure its rights. Customer shall be responsible for all costs associated with the actions described above and for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss (such as loss) of the Device unless the Company is directly responsible for the direct receipt of the Device. The rental period shall be automatically completed as soon as the Company is informed in writing of the seizure by the competent authorities or the customer. If the device is stolen, the Tenancy Agreement ends after the customer has given the customer a copy of the theft declaration by the police.
The Company reserves the right to use the cash which is to be paid to the Company for the account of the Customer and to use the cash which is used as the payment of the deposit for the payment of the demand for the credit card on which the deposits are placed or can be requested in this case.